Vintage Night in Italy

Marco Adragna, Oxford Education Society Country Champion, reports on a meeting of the Italian OES.

The meeting took place in the Italian capital on April 12th 2016 and it was an informal event open to OES members and other Oxford Alumni living in Rome.

As we know, future OES members are most likely to be found in the larger Oxford Alumni community, so no efforts were spared to organise a gathering which would actually be appealing to busy Oxford alumni, whilst introducing the educational theme in a fun way: the dance lesson. We are happy to report that we had a great turnout of nearly 30 alumni.

We started with a finger-food buffet and a cocktail whilst we got better acquainted with each other and shared our professional experience in education and in other fields. It was then time for the swing dancing (Lindy Hop) lesson for beginners of all ages! The lesson was conducted in a big circle with two teachers in the center.  A few participants had already some swing dancing skills but for many this was the first occasion to learn a dance which was so important in the American culture of the 1930s. The night continued with a live Jazz concert and a vintage DJ set. In the end, the guest warmly thanked the host and expressed the hope of being invited again soon.

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