The first OES French meeting

Our first OES French meeting took place in a very picturesque crêperie/moulerie in St Germain en Laye, near Paris, on Tuesday 13th January.

What a nice way to start off 2015 ! Four OES members attended. If I left Oxford a year and a half ago, our eldest member left before I was even born ! It was really nice to see how easily the link between us all was made, thanks to our same studies background.

We introduced ourselves through my home designed ice breaker : a drawing of hand, and on each finger there was a question written (for example « When and what did I read at Oxford ? » or « What is my best memory of Oxford ? » or else  « If I was an animal I would be…because… ».) That was a good laugh. We then all expressed how isolated we all felt at first, after having left Oxford.

That evening gave us the opportunity to share memories and experiences…We are already thinking about a new event to be held in May, probably art based this time! All OES members welcome!

Some feedback:

“A delightful evening spent with kindred spirits… Indeed,  it felt like one of those cherished MCR  nights back in the Oxford days !!!” (Laure Ayosso)

“An evening of truly engaging conversation with people who are as passionate about education as I am! Not to mention Quora, music, and pancakes…” (Bianca Pellet)

“Ladies and fellow alumnae, Another memorable Oxford experience. It was lovely meeting all of you.” (Peter Isackson)

Sarah Leplat, OES Country Champion for France


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