Teaching English through football

This summer Aston Villa Football Club coaches and Starspeaking, a language teaching start-up, successfully completed their first English/Football cross-curricular learning course in Italy.

The course was designed to teach Italian children aged 7 to 16 the rules of the game and the language through a team-teaching and practical approach.

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Students learn as they play and the entire course is designed to teach grammar by capitalizing in children’s enthusiasm for the game and the popularity of English Football clubs.

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On the pitch students were spoken to in English and coachers worked with English teachers to scaffold language. Students were also encouraged to work as a team by only speaking English to each other.

In the language classroom, students used technology and variety of games to learn basic grammar and key vocabulary to communicate with coaches English in the pitch.

This is the first attempt of what will be a series of similar events in partnership with sport.

Starspeaking is a company founded by Jessie Venegas, OES member and teacher in the MSc Teaching and Learning at Oxford University and Emmanuelle Cucoolo a practicing Language teacher in Birmingham and a graduate from the Open University.

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