OES news from Massachusetts

Elizabeth Guckenheimer is the OES Country Champion in the North-East of the USA and sends us this report of one of her activities there.

My biggest and newest news is a partnership with Oxford Business Alumni (OBA) on an Oxford student internship programme. Here is the email announcement sent out yesterday:

January 2015 – Oxford Interns

One of the goals of OBA is to give something back to Oxford in return for the education and opportunities Oxford has given all of us as graduates of this great institution.

2015 sees the launch of our “OBA Intern” program. We have been working with the Careers Office at Oxford and the British Consulate in Boston and have put together a program that allows companies in the U.S. to apply for an undergraduate or graduate internship from Oxford to work here in the U.S. for 6-12 weeks this summer.

If either you, or your company, or some company you know might like to participate in this program, could you contact me so I can follow up with all the relevant details on funding, visas and application forms. You may only know the name of the person in your organization who manages internships … if that’s the case that’s fine, please just send me his or her details.

An Oxford intern is a great way to check out potential international additions to an organization from, as we all know, one of the best universities, so please help to give something back to Oxford.

The Ed Tech community in Boston is thriving and there are opportunities for entrepreneurial educators. Here is an excellent collection of reports on the universities, the companies and the innovation taking place: http://bostinno.streetwise.co/topic/future-of-education/

Educational change is underway, and I would be pleased to hear from OES members and future members who would be interested in participating in our new internship programme.

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