OES in Chinese media

Zhang Yu Huai (Neo), Country Champion (Southern China) of the Oxford Education Society, was recently interviewed by the Shenzhen Media Group, one of the most influential arms of the media in China.

In the interview, Neo explained Oxford’s educational system, including the collegiate system and tutoring system, to the Chinese audience. To help the Chinese audience to better understand, he referred to Green Templeton College, where many of his lasting memories were formed.

Speaking of an important lesson that Neo has learned during his study at Oxford, he said that Oxford taught him to never cease in the pursuit of knowledge and to always realise one’s potential. Regarding the study method that Chinese audiences are interested in, Neo emphasized on the importance of hard-work and team-working.

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Apart from speaking on several serious topics, Neo also highlighted some of the recreational aspects of Oxford, including punting, rowing, debating, formal hall and – of course – bops!

In the quiz session, Neo asked the audience two questions about Harry Potter’s film location – Christ Church College – and Eagle and Child (a pub), which generated much amusement among the audience.

Afterwards, the Shenzhen Media Group informed Neo that they have received immense positive feedback from the audience and have therefore invited him to return to talk about Oxford in the near future.

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