News from Paris

Sarah Copty, Bianca Pellet, Peter Isackson and Laure Ayosso enjoy their OES reunion.

OES Country Champion in France, Sarah Copty, sent us this news about a recent social event in Paris.

On Thursday 13th October, the four of us gathered for the third time observing the same pattern: a fancy French restaurant (« Les Papilles » in Bougival), a bottle of white wine, and discussions about Education. 

Memories of our Oxfordian times were evoked, as well as good practice we wanted to share with the other OES members. We are starting to get to know each other quite well, and it is always a pleasure to make community around the same centres of interest. Next time we meet, early 2017, we would like to expand our gathering by inviting other people. Please contact me if you are interested in talking about Education with former Oxford students near Paris:

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