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OES Country Champion of Southern China and president of the Oxford Alumni Society of Shenzhen Neo Zhang, was invited by the Bao An Middle School, a prestigious middle school in Guangdong province, China, to deliver a speech to share his interesting experiences at Oxford and in the UK as a whole.

More than 700 teachers and students as well as representatives from a variety of industries attended Neo’s speech at the school.

In his speech Neo portrayed his 7-years-time spent in the UK, with significant emphasis on his Oxford Experience. In his humorous, insightful and interactive speech style, Neo exhibited numerous Oxford features. For instance, Neo introduced a unique Oxford dining tradition – formal hall, where everyone dresses in the sub-fus, (the gown) to attend the dinner with a starting prayer in Latin and where professors and their guests take their seats at high table. He also illustrated the collegiate system where every student is affiliated to a college. In talking about his beloved Green Templeton College, he demonstrated two things that are imprinted in his memory, a stunning Observatory and his duty served as Treasurer of the Graduate Common Room Committee. In talking about his experience in the Said Business School, he talked about numerous unforgettable times with his dear classmates in the library, punting, excursions and snow ball fights. He also shared his experience of running an organization, as after being admitted to Oxford University, he assumed various positions as President of the Oxford Student Alumni Society (OxSAS), Treasurer of Green Templeton College GCR Committee and Course Representative of the Said Business School. Upon graduation, Neo was presented with the Domus Merit Award and Nautilus Award.

In 2007, Neo was named the “UK International Student of the Year” by the British Council through a stiff nationwide competition where he beat off over 2000 candidates from 130 countries to claim this prestigious title. Key figures including Lord Neil Kinnock, Mora Steward OBE and Jimmy Choo OBE/DATO attended the award ceremony. Sir Reg Empy, a former minster for employment and learning, Madam Fu, Vice Foreign Minister of PRC, and Sir Peter Gregson, Vice Chancellor of Cranfield University have met with Neo. All of them made positive comments about Neo and considered him as an inspirational figure.

At the end of his speech, Neo encouraged the audience to apply for Oxford, a top-notch university in the world.

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Neo’s speech achieved a great success and massive positive feedback. Many audiences considered the speech inspiring and it helped them to better understand Oxford, this world-renowned university. They strongly urge Bao An Middle School and Neo to have a second speech to share more of his experience at Oxford and the wider UK

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