Membership application form

Should your application for membership be accepted by the OES, the information you provide will be added to our membership register which is currently on a password protected spreadsheet and is accessible only by the Membership Secretary and the OES Administrator. We use your information to provide you with information about OES activities and events and to allow you to access the member area of the OES website.


  1. Your name and email address will be added to our mail distribution list which is located on Weblearn, the university’s virtual learning environment through which we communicate with all our student and alumni groups.
  2. Your name, email address, city/town, county/province/state, country, occupation, graduation year, course name and Oxford college will be added to the member area of the OES website so that you can search for other members and other members can search for you using those search fields.
  3. Your postal address will be used to contact you should your email address become de-activated or we receive a ‘bounce-back’ message from an email communication with you.
  4. Except for the above, we will not share any of your information except in aggregated forms for reporting purposes (e.g. number of members in each country, etc)

If you wish for any of your personal information to be excluded from the above in any way, or you wish to amend any of it, please note this in the final box of this application form when you apply. Once you have been added to the Member Area, you can do this yourself through the ‘Manage My Profile’ tool.

In order to further protect your information we are in the process of adding all our member records to the University’s Development and Alumni Relations System (DARS) which contains details of all our students, alumni and ‘friends’. When you apply for membership, we will check the details you provide with the already existing information in DARS. We will use the system to help us to verify your application for membership and we will also contact you for permission to update your record on DARS if the any of the details you provide vary. If you do not yet have a record in DARS we will verify your eligibility by other means (such as Departmental records) and then create a DARS record for you. We will let you know when we do this.

If you are an Oxford alumnus, you are able to register, create an account and update your details on DARS yourself by following this link –

For further information about the ways in which your personal information is protected by the university please click here.

About you

Alumnus/Current Student (of the Department of Education)

Friends (Alumni of the University of Oxford involved in education professionally or those having a professional relationship with the Department of Education)

If you are neither an alumnus or previous staff member of the University of Oxford nor of the Department of Education, please provide the following information: