The Trial of the Resurrection

Antony Luby graduated from the MSc in Learning and Teaching in 2012. He is currently a Chartered Teacher with Aberdeen City Council.

Antony is generously making his book, ‘The Trial of the Resurrection’ available to OES members.

The aim of this textbook is to help pupils to develop their critical thinking skills. The content is appropriate for a Religious Education (RE) class but the process involved is also suitable for classes in English and Personal & Social Education (PSE). The RE aim is, quite simply, to engage the pupils with arguments and evidences for and against the resurrection of Jesus. The English and PSE aims are to enhance critical thinking especially with regard to developing an informed opinion. Pupils often think that one opinion is as ‘good’ as another; but they tend to think differently when I put it to them – “Imagine that, unfortunately, you have fallen downstairs. Your friend says ‘I think that you‘ve stubbed your toe.’ The school nurse says ‘I think you’ve twisted your knee.’ Which opinion do you listen to? Why?”

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