Eventually this page will contain a full set of downloadable resources, links, presentations and activities for students of all ages.

Until this time some material can be provided by email:

There will be packages aimed at each age group, some designed with school lesson plans and worksheets for primary and for secondary level, others intended for workshops and demonstrations. None requiring prior subject knowledge as necessary theory is explained in the background notes.

The school material comes under seven standalone themes consisting of background information, worksheets, experiments and explanatory presentations. Curriculum links are included. The topics are:

  • Introduction to Nanoscience (presentation attached)
  • Microscopy
  • Nano in nature
  • Nano in materials
  • Nano and health
  • Nano and the environment
  • Nano and energy
  • Nano and IT

Each of the seven topics could be covered in a double lesson or extended over several lessons or used for a science club.

My career encompasses research in Materials Characterisation and Nanotechnology, primary and secondary school teaching of sciences and maths, outreach activities in the UK and abroad.

The electronic information can be supplemented by demonstrations and training.