Grammar in the curriculum: or not!

Professor Debra Myhill, Associate Dean for Research: SSIS, Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter

22 October 2012

In the light of current government plans to revise the English curriculum, this seminar considered the possible place of grammar in an English or literacy curriculum.

It took an international perspective, briefly reviewing the way in which grammar has been a long-contested issue in the English curriculum in Anglophone countries. It presented some arguments for a constructive role for grammar within language teaching, and offered insights from research conducted at the University of Exeter which has demonstrated a beneficial impact on writing attainment of an approach which roots attention to grammar within a socially constructed, meaning-making conceptualisation of language.

Professor Debra Myhill is acting Dean and Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Transfer of the College of Social Sciences and International Studies, and subject leader for English with Media. Her research interests are principally in the field of language and literacy, with a particular focus upon the teaching of writing; gender and literacy; and talk. More about Professor Myhill

Grammar in the curriculum: or not! Lecture audio (1 hour approx)
Grammar in the curriculum: or not! Lecture slides pdf with audio timings

This lecture was convened by Dr Ian Thompson, OSAT