Membership of the Oxford Education Society is entirely free and full membership is open to the following:

  • all past students* of the Department of Education;
  • all past students* from the wider University who are (or have been) directly involved in Education in a professional capacity;
  • all current and past academic, research and administrative staff associated with the Department of Education;
  • all current and past staff from the wider University directly involved in Education in a professional capacity;
  • Friends of the Department of Education, such as those with an established relationship with the Department, who have relevant interest and/or experience in the field of Education and who receive a personal invitation from the OES Committee following nomination by an existing member of the Society. ‘Friends’ can include, for example, PGCE professional tutors or mentors in schools.

Current students of the Department of Education have Associate Membership until graduation.

Join the Oxford Education Society by clicking on ‘Membership application form’ on the left, completing the application form with the details that are appropriate to you and then click ‘Submit’.

You will receive an automated system acknowledgement and then, after your application has been approved, you will be registered as a Member.

*For the purpose of OES membership, a student is defined as a matriculated member of the University of Oxford