Dr Neil Hawkes

I am pleased to be a committee member and hope to bring my experience as a teacher, headteacher, local authority adviser and, currently, international adviser to the work of the Society.

As an alumnus, I am a past D.Phil student and a keen supporter of the Department of Education. I am delighted that Education will have a new voice through the work of the Society.

My passion is to inspire educators and others to adopt the educational philosophy Valuing, in its practical form of Values-based Education. Before becoming an internatinal education consultant I worked as a teacher, deputy headteacher and in three headships.  From 1983 until 1993, I worked as an Education Adviser for Buckinghamshire and then as Chief Adviser of the Isle of Wight Education Service. I then decided to return to headship, as Headteacher of West Kidlington Primary School in Oxfordshire. It was here that the school community worked together to devise and implement a successful system of Values-based Education.   Between 1999 and 2005, I was a Senior Adviser for Oxfordshire, responsible for school improvement, based on Values Education.  I am a founder member of the world-wide movement Living Values and the founder and a trustee of The Values Education Trust. For more information visit www.values-education.com