Dr Harry Judge

Until his retirement in 1988 Harry Judge was for fifteen years Director of the Department of Education, where he is now a Senior Research Fellow. His previous career had been in secondary education, including twelve years as head of Banbury School when he also served on national commissions on teacher education and on the public schools.

Since 1988 he has worked at several universities in the United states and France and published volumes on teacher education and faith-based schools. He has also written extensively on the politics of education and comparative education, as well as on French history. His current projects include 19th Century biographical studies. His own education was at Cardiff High School and Brasenose College, where he is now an Emeritus Fellow.

The importance of the Oxford Education Society

Harry hopes that the Oxford Education Society will support the work of the University in promoting national and international educational causes and that it will form a powerful and respected pressure group dedicated to those ends. He is confident that it will enable the flow of the best research knowledge from higher education into enriching the effective work of schools. It is one of his unconcealed prejudices that at the heart of that mission sits a partnership with local schools, which he sees as the proper base for teacher education and development. But that partnership depends for its vitality on an alliance to which the University itself—as a whole, and not just the Department of Education—makes its own distinctive contribution. The effectiveness of that contribution in turn depends on the culture of the academic community, which is why he believes that membership of the Society should be promoted across the whole University as well as among practitioners in public education.