Yun Yu

Yun Yu received her first MA in Second Language Acquisition from BNU, and then worked in Chinese Central Party School teaching English to post graduate students.

Then she was admitted to a PhD programme in BNU, working for an innovative English learning and teaching project funded by the prestigious Pandeng Plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology. After completing PhD, Yun was granted with Chevening Scholarship and went to Oxford University to study e-learning in the Department of Education.

She is now Project Manager for British Council East China Office, focusing on business development, project implementation & evaluation and product management of all English teacher training projects in East China.Before joining BC, Yun was head of a NGO project empowering disadvantaged people for better professional opportunities.

Starting with a profession as an English lecturer, and with a PhD in Second Language Acquisition, Yun is especially interested and knowledgable in English langauge teaching and research, for basic education and higher education inclusive. Yun is aslo familiar with education internalization and is committed to this field of work through her current position in British Council.

OES Country Champion for East China

Yun sees her role as Country Champion as:

  • liaising between the Department and Chinese Alumni on visiting schemes
  • hosting OES events in east China, such as social gathering, annual event and seminars
  • managing some social media to promote exchange between Chinese Alumni
  • organising a series of talks given by Chinese Alumni about Oxford Education in Chinese Universities

If you are interested in getting involved in OES activities in East China, send Yun an email (