Yllke Pacarizi

In the past few years Yllke Pacarizi has been involved in educational development in Kosovo in various ways.

Apart from being a teaching assistant at the University of Prishtina, she has been involved in projects engendering opportunities for stakeholders in education to cooperate, express their challenges and find solutions that work for the context of Kosovo. One of these projects is Teachers’ Avenue where she is a member of the Editorial Team. A joint venture with a Cambridge alumnus, Teachers’ Avenue is the first magazine of its kind in Kosovo where teachers in Kosovo and in the region meet to share problems, to find solutions, and to get practical advice on teaching Yllke has also been involved in professional development programs as a teacher trainer and in a recent project with action research as a teacher mentor. Her engagement in educational development has also been through offering expertise in validation and accreditation of private language schools throughout Kosovo.

Having been awarded a full-time scholarship by the Open Society Foundation (OSF) for her MSc in Comparative and International Education at Oxford, she has come to know many OSF scholars in Kosovo and the region. In Kosovo, the Oxbridge Alumni have regular informal meetings while they are waiting to be formally recognized as a group. Among many aims, projects in education are crucial to the group. In addition to the local Oxbridge community, Yllke Pacarizi’s contacts in the region would be solid cooperation opportunities for various enterprises.

Being a passionate person with ideas for positive change in education, Yllke Pacarizi believes that as a Country Champion she will maintain contact with educational developments worldwide and bring the Kosovo experience of educational change to the educational community throughout the world.

You can contact Yllke by email at yllka.hp@gmail.com