Wan-Ying Tay

Having spent 6 very fulfilling and memorable years in the Department of Education at the University of Oxford, where Wan-Ying studied for both her Masters and Doctorate degrees, she is very keen to remain connected to her alma mater, as well as fellow graduates and students in the department.

Above all, she would like to do her part as alumni by contributing to OES. She believes that one of the best ways to do so is to be a country champion for her country.

Since returning to Singapore, she was seconded to the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University as a Teaching Fellow for 3 years, before resuming her duties as an Education Officer at the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Whilst working in the university, she was fortunate to be involved in projects that were closely related to her DPhil topic, such as the application of virtual worlds for learning in the classroom; web-based peer assessment and teacher and student interaction in seamless learning environments. Having had the invaluable opportunities to work closely with teachers on these projects and lecturing on topics such as ethnography and research methods to in-service teachers, Wan-Ying grew increasingly interested in teacher training and development and professional learning communities for teachers, particularly in the area of education technology. Her current position as an Education Technology Officer at the Ministry enables her to pursue this line of interest.

As a country champion for Singapore,she would like to focus on these four areas: 1) connecting with and working closely with fellow Country Champions, particularly for promoting OES in the Southeast Asia region and organising inter-countries networking or visits; 2) establishing networks and organising events for fellow alumni and members of OES in Singapore as well as in the region; 3) liaising between the Department and Oxford Education Society with the National Institute of Education of Singapore as well as the other universities in Singapore; 4) organising OES events in Singapore, such as seminars, visits and social gatherings.

So as to meet these objectives, she would employ a number of strategies, such as: 1) establishing networks and building good working relationships with fellow OES country champions via email and social networking sites; 2) setting up communicative networks for OES members based in Singapore and the neighbouring countries; 3) establishing networks or coordinating visits between members of the department and OES with staff and students from Singapore universities; 4) organising meet-up events for members based in Singapore on a regular basis.

Wan-Ying believes that her work experiences at the university, the Ministry and in schools would be favourable towards fulfilling these goals.

Please feel free to contact Wan-Ying at her email address (hotaywanying@gmail.com) and she would be most happy to answer any question or provide more information.