Susan Harris-Huemmert

In 2005 Susan Harris-Huemmert returned to the Department of Education to take up her DPhil twenty years after first matriculating in Oxford on the PGCE Modern Languages programme.

Since first leaving Oxford in 1986 she has been involved in many aspects of education, initially as an English lecturer in Germany and later as a school teacher. It was through staffroom discussions about Germany’s first round of PISA results that her focus turned to issues surrounding quality assurance in education and standards overall. Her research interests, which for her DPhil included an analysis of the work of German evaluators of higher education, have broadened into examining issues of academic identity among early academics, quality assurance systems across the world and differences in teacher training systems. During Susan’s second turn in Oxford she worked on behalf of the University with another Department DPhil, Natalie Lundsteen, on a review of the graduation process, recommendations for which have now been implemented. She also collaborated with Professor Lynn McAlpine and another departmental alumni, Dr Nick Hopwood, within the CETL based at the Learning Institute.

After completing her DPhil Susan took up employment in Germany at the University of Bamberg (2010) followed after by the University of Wurzburg from 2011 onwards, where she was first employed at the Centre for innovative Learning and Studying (ZiLS). She has been responsible for developing quality assurance systems for the whole university, which has involved promoting lectures and information on HE pedagogy, analysis of university teaching and learning processes, evaluation strategy and organisational development. To this extent she speaks to and advises stakeholders throughout the university. In addition she occasionally lectures on the British education system and teacher training programmes in particular.

As Germany’s country champion Susan is keen to draw together Departmental alumni and possibly other Oxford alumni in Germany with a specific interest in education (but also Austria and Switzerland) in order to promote exchange and debate on educational issues, be they school- or university-based. If you are interested in contacting Susan and helping to form an OES network in your country please email her.