Steven S K Kwok

MA AppLing(HKU), MA (New School), MAdvBusPrac (South Australia), BSocSc (CUHK), CertTESOL (Trinity College London)

Oxford Roots

An Overseas Research Student (ORS) Awardee, I read for MLitt in Politics at St Antony’s College, Oxford in 1995-97, with Dr. Vincent Wright (Nuffield) and Prof. Desmond King (St John’s) as my supervisors. My college advisor was Prof. Jack Hayward (St Antony’s). My research was about vocational training reforms under Margaret Thatcher and Helmut Kohl, for which I talked with Prof. David Phillips and other scholars at our Department of Education, apart from many others elsewhere. I visited the nearby Bodleian Education Library twice or thrice most of weeks. A Scatcherd European Scholar (Oxford) and a DAAD Language Course Scholarship holder, I learned German at Goethe-Institut Berlin and conducted fieldwork across Germany in both 1996 and 1998. Years later, Prof. Richard Pring, Honorary President of our OES Committee, still exchanged emails with me.

Professional Experiences and Career Goal

Since 2000, I have been working in higher education in Hong Kong. I have worked as a lecturer, manager, researcher, education counsellor, and lately IELTS instructor. I have worked for five of the eight government-funded higher education institutions, five ‘community colleges’, four foreign universities, the former Education and Manpower Bureau (EMB) of the Hong Kong SAR Government, the Hong Kong-America Center, a language learning centre, and a students’ group of a university hall.

In 2014-15, I planned, organised, and promoted all Staff Induction Programmes and all Ongoing Staff Professional Development (PD) programmes and activities for all academics at The Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd), with the support of a Project Assistant. I liaised closely with a variety of internal and external stakeholders, including individual academics, departments, centers, and offices, inside HKIEd and out, such as HKU, PolyU, Lingnan, and OUHK, on a daily basis. I also wrote progress and annual reports, etc., and managed QA.

Career goal: Education management professional, plus IELTS instructor and ELT materials writer

Country Champion (CC) for Hong Kong/China, Nov 2014–Nov 2017, Hong Kong Branch – and Your Engagement?

I have known our previous CC, Prof. Rupert Maclean at HKIEd, for years. On the solid foundation he built, I will keep building and expanding our OES Hong Kong Branch, OES’s only overseas branch at the moment.

For OES in Hong Kong/China, I have the following vision and mission, strategy, and action plan:

Vision and mission

  • Build a bigger and stronger bridge between Oxford and Hong Kong/China for all OES’s current and prospective members and friends.
  • Double the OES membership in Hong Kong within two years.
  • Try to help make China the country with the largest OES membership, excluding the UK, within five years.


  • Help achieve the maximum synergy between OES and the University of Oxford China Office, Oxford University Press (China), Oxford & Cambridge Society of Hong Kong, Oxford Business Alumni (OBA) Hong Kong Chapter, Oxford-HKUST Leadership and Public Policy Series, and other local alumni groups in Hong Kong.
  • Grow stronger and closer ties between OES/Oxford and interested educators, centres, and universities in Hong Kong.
  • Collaborate with all other OES CCs in China to further the cause of OES across China.

Action plan

  • Work closely with our CC Coordinator and OES Committee back at Oxford.
  • Work closely with all Oxford offices, groups, societies, networks, and alumni in Hong Kong. Are you a CC or the like of your own group?
  • Put our OES Hong Kong Branch on the map, through social media, emails, gatherings, phone calls, word of mouth, etc. Please help publicise us.
  • Form a “cabinet” to keep our OES Hong Kong Branch running and flourishing. Would you like to join forces with us?
  • Invited a renowned Oxford don to deliver the inaugural “OES-Hong Kong/China Annual Lecture” in mid-June 2015. Any inputs from you?
  • Organise a “Spring Dinner” in an Oxford style for OES’s members, families and friends, after the Lunar New Year. Would you fancy reuniting with some good old Oxford friends and making some new ones?
  • Organise three to four local educational/social activities around the year, e.g. cycling and hiking.
  • Keep all OES Hong Kong/China members and friends in the loop, at least monthly, through the new bi-monthly e-newsletters entitled ‘Stay on Top: OES for HK/China’, emails, Facebook/LinkedIn/WeChat/Weibo, phone calls, etc.
  • Set up a communications system with all other CCs in China.

If interested, please keep an eye out for all the updates about our OES Hong Kong Branch at

I sincerely invite you to join our worldwide OES community (

For any enquiries, ideas, and/or contributions, please email me at, or add me as ‘Steven S K Kwok’ or ‘StevenSKKwok’ on Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Weibo/WeChat/Skype.