Sarah Copty

Sarah is an enthusiastic and outgoing Oxford graduate, who completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in French and German in 2013 in the Department of Education.

She particularly investigated the field of Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and is passionate about how thinking in one language implies a specific vision of the world and therefore a slight change of personality depending on what language we express ourselves in.

Having studied the piano to a high standard while being in a strongly academic secondary school, Sarah has always tried to find a balance between rigour and creativity, discipline and initiative. Therefore, she thoroughly enjoyed her teacher training at the University of Oxford, as it developed both aspects of the duet, so to speak. Indeed, being part of the Oxford Education Society allowed Sarah to reflect on linguistics theories with other fervent linguists and her placements in two secondary schools in Oxfordshire helped her enhance her understanding of language acquisition and learning in practice.

Through her role of Country Champion of the OES, she intends to focus on:

  • building relationships with alumni and friends not limited only to alumni and friends of the Department of Education but including any Oxford alumni currently based in the country and the region, who have an interest in education;
  • liaising with other Oxford Education Societies and Country Champions
  • establishing external relations with secondary schools, universities and other institutions involved in teaching a language in order to discuss issues and challenges, educational policies, and share good practice. Having received a first in her Masters of linguistics with La Sorbonne, Sarah intends to organise seminars and conferences with professors there and in so doing, creating new opportunities for development of the OES.

In 2013-2014, Sarah became a fully qualified teacher as she successfully completed her first year of teaching as a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) in St Simon Stock Catholic School, Maidstone, Kent as a French and Religious Education teacher to more than 250 pupils from 11 to 17 years old. She is now teaching French language and literature in the French private lycée La Salle Passy Buzenval, Rueil Malmaison (near Paris) and is thoroughly enjoying it.

If you would like to get in touch with Sarah, you can email her at