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During his time in the UK, Zhang Yu Huai (Neo) was awarded the UK International Student of the Year 2007 by the UK government through the British Council, to recognise his long-lasting passion to serve the wider community.

In the UK education exhibition in China, he was further selected to represent the UK’s education quality.

Neo has always been passionate about Oxford University and the alumni community and always seeks for opportunities to further Oxford University’s reputation and raise its global profile. Soon after he returned to his country, he took the initiative to establish the Oxford Alumni Society of Shenzhen (OUS Shenzhen). He is also a committee member of the Alumni Advisory Council, Said Business School, Oxford University. His work for Oxford alumni was appreciated by the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor.

Neo’s service to Oxford and his fellow alumni dates back to his study at Oxford for his MSc Management Research. While at Oxford, he assumed positions as President of the Oxford Student Alumni Society (OxSAS), Treasurer of the Green Templeton College GCR Committee and Course Representative of the SBS. In recognition of his contribution and academic excellence, he was presented with the Oxford Domus Merit Award and the Oxford Nautilus Award.

Neo has a good track record of volunteering in both nationwide and university-wide organisations: the Deputy President of National Union of Students – Union of Students in Ireland (NUS-USI), the National Secretary of the Council for UK International Students, the volunteering officer of NUS-USI, Chairman of the International Students’ Committee at Queen’s University Belfast. He was presented with Queen’s Student of the Year  2007 – first time International Student won this award.

Neo has various international work experience, including the Big Four, leading securities brokerage firm in China, a global aerospace company, the public sector in the UK and NGO. Neo’s family runs two companies: one is Jinying International Educational Group and Ox-men International Educational Group, helping ambitious Chinese students to get into Oxbridge and Ivy League.

Neo has also written columns for the BBC  as well as a chapter of a book published by Peking University Press with other experts in education. Through his columns and book, readers can better understand the education system, culture and history of the UK. Neo has been frequently invited to deliver various speeches to share his inspirational and successful story.

After receiving one of the best educations in the world, Neo firmly believes in the power of education. He believes that education can change a person’s life path in a positive way.  He also firmly believes that networking and sharing best practice are vital to continuous improvement of education. Therefore, Neo’s aspiration is to establish an international school in China, introducing high-quality education world-wide to nurture students to be versatile, independent thinking and academically-excellent. Neo also has a great interest in on-line education, for example from the Khan Academy and university consortia Coursera (Stanford, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania and Michigan University), edX (MIT and Harvard), Udacity and others, and believe that it will transform education in future.

In his role as Country Champion for the Oxford Education Society in the Southern China, Neo would like to:

  • Partner with the Oxford Alumni Society of Shenzhen, in putting on events that focus on educational themes.
  • Create an active network of alumni and OES members working in or interested in education
  • Help PCGE students and alumni to start and develop their career in China.
  • Launch internship programmes which focus on education, so that Oxford students can gain valuable international working experience, especially in education arena, in order to increase their employability.
  • Initiate an OES forum in China and invite OES members, visiting scholars and the faculty the Department of Education at Oxford University to China.


张宇怀(Neo)是牛津大学授权的牛津大学深圳校友会主席,牛津大学赛德商学院Alumni Advisory Council理事,牛津大学教育委员会(OES)南中国区代表(CC for Southern China)。

张宇怀国际工作经历丰富,曾就职于全球最大的国际会计师事务所(四大)。留英期间,他在英国政府公共部门,全球国际大公司与非盈利组织皆工作过并表现突出,获公司同事的一致好评。宇怀擅长的领域是智慧教育,国际教育,人力资源,智慧科技与安防。宇怀的家族企业 “津英国际教育”和“牛津人国际教育(”在帮助中国有志向学生去牛津剑桥大学深造。

宇怀 (也是“全英年度国际学生奖”(UK International Student of the Year)获得者,此奖为英国首相设立,英国政府与British Council颁与国际学生的最高等级奖项,一年一度,旨在在整个英国选出最优秀的国际学生。宇怀在比赛中击败了2000多名来自世界130个国家的竞争对手夺得头冠,在当时引起轰动,国内外媒体如BBC, 泰晤士报教育版,中国青年报,新加坡星岛日报,香港文汇报(,南方都市报等等都跟踪报道。2007年英国政府在中国举办的“英国教育展”更将张宇怀和著名鞋类设计师Jimmy Choo一同作为英国教育质量的代言人。

在牛津攻读硕士期间,他被选为牛津大学学生校友联谊会(Oxford Student Alumni Society)主席、格林坦普顿学院学生会财政官、牛津大学萨德商学院学科代表。他先后获得2008年牛津大学格林坦普顿学院优秀新生奖(和2009年牛津大学格林坦普顿学院杰出贡献奖(,是获得两个奖项的首位中国人。宇怀也和别人合写了一本书《带你走天下》,北大出版社出版,分享他在英国的经历与成功心得。目前他正与2010全球年度杰出教育者大卫·基逊教授(David Gibson)合著就业与企业发展的系列书。

宇怀以出色的表现高票当选全英国际学联秘书长(Council for UK International Students)、英国全国学生会北爱尔兰分会(NUS-USI)副主席、英国全国学生会北爱尔兰分会志愿者协会主席,英国女王大学学生会国际学生委员会主席,他是担任上述职务的首位华人,为重塑当地华人形象作出贡献。他首次将《监狱手册》(Prisoners’ Handbook)翻译成中文版,努力帮助亚裔群体维护权益。他在北爱工商部(Invest Northern Ireland)工作期间,促成北爱贸易团访华以及一项投资中国的百万英镑项目,并荣获“北爱工商部最佳年度新人奖”,并再次获得“英国女王大学2007年度最佳学生”奖,成为英国女王大学历史上第一个获此奖的外国学生(。


中国外交部副部长傅莹女士亲切会见了张宇怀,英国北爱劳工与就业大臣Reg Empey男爵也专程会见张宇怀,并赞扬:“在推动北爱尔兰文化多样性进程中,张宇怀扮演了极其重要的角色。”。现任克兰菲尔德大学校长,前英国女王大学校长彼德•戈利格森爵士说:“我们非常骄傲张宇怀能得到此项大奖,他是所有学生学习的榜样。他对大学生活的极大热情和对推动多种文化的贡献,丰富了我们所有人的学校生活经历。他所取得的成绩的意义,远远超出了学校的范围,对整个北爱尔兰都是个贡献” 。


  • 帮助牛津大学教育委员会与牛津大学校友建立紧密联系
  • 帮助牛津大学,尤其是牛津教育系的老师,校友与学生在中国工作
  • 与政府合作,帮助牛津大学教育委员会在中国成立实习基地
  • 在中国组织教育论坛与峰会,邀请牛津大学的高层,教授,教育专家,访问学者等参加研讨。