Naida Dervishalidovic

Naida Dervishalidovic is a passionate and driven Oxford graduate, who completed an MSc in Education (e-Learning/Learning and Technology) in 2009 at the Department of Education, University of Oxford as a Weidenfeld scholar (of the Weidenfeld Scholarships and Leadership Programme funded by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue).

Prior to her graduate studies at Oxford, she completed her undergraduate degree in Information Systems and was awarded Honors in the First Class from Sarajevo School of Science and Technology and the University of Buckingham. She believes that a quality education sharpens the imaginative senses of its youth and so plays a key role in enhancing life and bracing us for the future. She also believes technology has a great role yet to play in how we think about and deliver education in the future.

Her professional aspirations are in the realm of education management as well as building and running education/edtech startups.

Naida has been involved in many aspects of education and her work experience thus far lies in university teaching in the domain of information technology and in education management. Her most recent role is the Coordinator of BIT Camp: a six-month intensive software development education program devised by a business association of software development companies based in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 2012 Naida co-founded doIT ( with the aim to contribute to the development of the information society in B&H through the use of information technologies.

She has a passion for the English language and foreign languages in general. She manages her own language school, which is the first and only accredited Callan School in Bosnia and Herzegovina that teaches English with the Callan Method.

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OES Country Champion for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Through her role of Country Champion of the OES, Naida intends to focus on:

  • building a community of alumni & alumnae not limited only to members and friends of the Department of Education but including any Oxford alumni currently based in the country and the region, who have an interest in education;
  • liaising with other Oxford Education Societies and Country Champions;
  • establishing external relations with other relevant organizations and institutions with the intention of building a network and platform to advance discussion on contemporary issues and challenges in education as well as emerging practices brought about by technology; and organizing joint activities (such as educational partnerships, speaker series, seminars, conferences, informal networking events, business development etc.);
  • in so doing, creating new opportunities for development of the OES.

If you are interested in getting involved in OES activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (but also the region), connect with her on LinkedIn or send Naida an email.