Miriam Chung

Miriam is the first Korean to hold an Academic Fellowship at Oxford for more than two decades (1985-2012).

Her achievements were widely recognized by the awards of PhD degree at Edinburgh in 1985 and an honorary professorship in Korea in 2000 and from 1996 until her retirement in 2012 she was a member of the ‘Congregation, the Governing Body of the University. She also hold life-time honorary governorship at Harris Manchester College, Oxford.

She is an alumnus of the Department of Education having gained an Advanced Certificate in Education (the precursor to the MSc Education course) under the supervision of Professor Jerome Bruner in 1976.

Miriam’s academic interest is in Education and Psychology. Her particular focus is the cognitive development of children between the ages of 5 and 16, and the diversity of intellectual abilities across cultures. A recent cross-cultural investigation has been to clarify the relationship between language and mathematical performance in British and Korean children. Other research projects have included individual differences in cognition; cultural differences in learning and thinking; the relationship between the development of intellectual prowess in various education systems; time and timing in education; time management of the teenagers

Country Champion for the OES in South Korea

Miriam thinks that this is an exciting development and she is very proud to be part of it. She says that she would like to play a role in helping the OES to flourish in Korea.

Her initial plan is to have regular meetings with OU alumni in Seoul. The meetings will be organized not only for the alumni from the Department of Education, but also from other disciplines. The second phase of work will be to start a dialogue between Oxford alumni and graduates of other universities in Korea. She hopes that this might later develop into an exchange visit between OES Korea and OES Oxford.

If you would like to contact Miriam about being involved in the OES in Korea you can currently email her at miriam.chung@hmc.ox.ac.uk