Maria Khwaja Bazi

Maria Khwaja Bazi completed an MSc in Comparative and International Education in 2009 and is currently working as a teacher and nonprofit founder full time.

She graduated from Boston University (2006) with a degree in English Education and founded Elun, her nonprofit, in 2012 while working in Qatar.

As a full time teacher for the last nine years, Maria has worked in the United Kingdom, United States, Qatar, Pakistan, and Turkey. Her wide range of experience includes the American curriculum, the GSCE and A-level British curriculum, the International Baccalaureate, and additional trainings in helping students with special needs, learning disabilities, and students who are English language leaners.

In 2012, Maria founded Elun, an organization dedicated to providing free teacher education to the developing world. Although Elun has very humble beginnings in Pakistan, Maria’s home country, it has now expanded to Bangladesh, Rwanda, Tanzania, and a pilot training is planned in Morocco in 2016.  Elun provides modules that combine international best practices in areas such as inquiry-based learning, child/adolescent psychology and behavior, questioning strategies, and teacher advocacy and has frequently worked in conjunction with NGOs focused on education for entrepreneurship. Maria is currently also writing and researching on strategies to combat extremist groups via education in Pakistan as well as focusing on low-free private schools as a possible avenue for authentic educational innovation.

As a Country Champion for the Oxford Education Society, Maria is looking forward to meeting and networking with other individuals in the OES, especially in the Middle East, who are interested in new avenues and debates in education. She aims to organize conferences and seminars in collaboration with local authorities to highlight best practice and also arrange informal sessions for the same purpose. With time and dedication, Maria hopes to identify areas where the Oxford Education Society’s work and members can provide much-needed resources for countries in this part of the world.

If you would like to contact Maria about the Oxford Education Society, she can be reached at or