Marco Adragna

After completing a M.Sc at University of Oxford in 2003, Marco Adragna obtained a counselling psychology diploma and a master degree in executive coaching.

Trainer, Manager and Coach, he has worked with a variety of clients (BlackBerry, Tim, Wind, Ministry of Work to name a few). He currently manages two training companies – Eloquentis and Sindesis – offering coaching and communication workshops that focus respectively on personal and professional lives. He is often interviewed by the Italian media as Coach and Communications Expert: he believes that communication skills such as active listening and assertiveness should be taught and routinely practiced in every school as they are a key element of a happy and successful life. Marco is an enthusiastic practitioner of ‘Mindfulness’ – the awareness that emerges by paying attention to the present moment, with compassion, and open-hearted curiosity. Marco is also an avid reader of ‘Wired’, he loves listening to RnB and he rarely stops twisting his hair.

As Country Champion of the Oxford Education Society (OES) his aim is to select new members, arranging or publicising local gatherings, establishing relationships with relevant organisations, and pointing out to the press new education research, hence creating new opportunities for OES development.

If you would like to contact him about the Oxford Education Society you can send him an email at