Jingjing Zhang

Dr Jingjing Zhang is Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University (BNU)

Qualifications: BSc (BNU/Gakugei); MRes (UCL), MSc (Oxford), DPhil (Oxford)

Academic and Professional Background
Jingjing Zhang received her BSc in Computer Science from BNU, and an MRes from University College London (UCL). As an undergraduate, she was awarded the 2003 AIEJ Scholarship for a one-year exchange study at Tokyo Gakugei University. At Oxford (MSc, DPhil) she was a Clarendon scholar and a member of Brasenose College (funded by ORS scholarship).

She is now an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Education of BNU, specialising in learning and technology. Before joining BNU, she was first trained in Directorate for Education, OECD Paris, and then conducted an internship at the Department of Management, United Nations headquarters New York.

Research Interests
Jingjing’s early research in machine learning and information visualisation has led her to an educational project to analyse the university curriculum structure. In the past few years, her research has been involved with work with educationists, sociologists and anthropologists. This has led a change of her research interests initially in machine learning in laboratory settings to the social constructivism of learning in real-world settings.¬†She is now particularly interested in how learning occurs between people engaging in communication situated in daily work environments online and offline. As well as her recent research on the social sciences of learning and technology, she is also interested in the change to various forms of human relationships in the networked society, such as leadership, trust, and communication.

OES Country Champion for China
Jingjing sees her role as Country Champion as:

  • liaising between the Department and Chinese Alumni on visiting schemes
  • hosting OES events in Beijing, such as spring outings, social gathering, and seminars
  • managing a mailing list to promote exchange between Chinese Alumni
  • organising a series of talks given by Chinese Alumni about Oxford Education in Chinese Universities

If you are interested in getting involved in OES activities in China send Jingjing an email