Ioanna Siakalli

Ioanna Siakalli studied for an MSc in Education (Comparative and International Education) in 2014-2015 and her research interests include the work of international organisations in the field of education for development.

She graduated with a Bachelor in Education (Primary Education) from the University of Cyprus in 2014 and completed her studies for an M.Sc in Education (Comparative and International Education) at the University of Oxford in 2015. Her interest in the work of international organisations in education led her to study the education reform carried out by the World Bank in her country, Cyprus, and write her dissertation on the Education interventions of the World Bank: Moving towards Standartisation? – Cyprus as a case study. The National College for Teaching and Leadership awarded her with a Qualified Teacher Status in 2015.

Ioanna considers schooling and teaching to be vital parts of the education system of a country, and their understanding to be of the up-most importance for the development of education policy. Therefore, aiming to further her understanding in this area, she is now teaching at one of the schools of the Blackbird Academy Trust, working with children coming from an area of significant deprivation with many barriers for them to overcome.

OES Country Champion for Cyprus

In her role as Country Champion for the Oxford Education Society (OES) in Cyprus Ioanna would like to:

  • Keep updated on education research and teaching practices.
  • Partner with the Oxford and Cambridge Society of Cyprus in putting on events that focus on education.
  • Participate in OES forums on international developments in education.
  • Work with OES leadership on the recruitment of more Cypriot OES members.

If you would like to contact Ioanna to get involved with the OES in Cyprus or have any ideas for events, please email her at