How to be a Country Champion

The Role of the Country Champion (CC)

Country Champions are essential to the global nature of the Oxford Education Society. They are the eyes and ears, as well as the voice, of the Society in their country. Through networking and attending meetings and events, they are the first point of contact for local members and alums interested in joining the Society. They are also responsible for reporting back to the Committee, and the Society, events, talks and exciting ideas & developments in education.

Becoming a Country Champion

If you have connections with Oxford alumni groups in your home country, or would like to build up a network and get involved, then you may want to consider being a CC. Our aim is for every country that has OES members to have its own Champion. There is no reason why the Society cannot have more than one CC per country, and this certainly makes sense for larger nations such as the US and China. Terms of office will be for three years, renewable at the discretion of the Committee. To move forward, send an email to Simon Steel, our current Country Champion Coordinator (C3) and, to formally apply, send a cover letter outlining your interests and goals for the role, along with your CV/Resume. This will be forwarded on the OES Committee for approval. If you have any questions, please email Simon, or contact any of the current CCs directly.

I’ve become a Country Champion! Now what?

The role outlined above is a daunting task, but like the OES itself, only small steps are initially needed to get the ball rolling. Here are five things a new Country Champion can do to start reaching out to their local community.

  1. Make contact with your local Oxford (or Oxford & Cambridge) society or alumni group, by email, phone call or in person at a gathering or reunion.
  2. Find other OES members in your area, or other Oxford alums in the area who have a shared interest in education, and introduce yourself. As a member, you can use the Members area of the OES website to see which members are in your country. If there are other CCs in your country, or in your region, consider a joint planning session.
  3. Start a recruitment drive in your area, either by advertising in alumni newsletters, at alumni meetings or word-of-mouth.
  4. Set up a kick-off OES event, such as a social evening, a satellite meeting to an Alumni meeting or relating to a local education meeting, such as a talk at a local school of education or teacher’s event. Or organise a pub night or coffee morning!
  5. Report back to the Committee (via the CC Coordinator or the online OES Forum) details and updates of meetings past and planned.

Country Champions will be required to provide a brief Annual Plan at the beginning of the year, and annual report before the Society AGM in which is usually held in September. The C3 will put out a call for reports in advance of the meeting.


The Role of Country Champion Coordinator

The Country Champion Coordinator, or C3, is the bridge between the OES Committee and the Country Champions. If you want to bring questions, or news to the Committee, contact the C3, and the C3 will disseminate information out to the CCs, as well as act as a catalyst to help CCs network and organise events. Also, if you have any concerns, or are not sure about whether an event or activity is OES appropriate, then contact the C3 who would very much like to hear from you.