Hilary Chow

Mtro Hilary L Chow FRAS is fellow of Royal Asiatic Society, marker at HK Officials Training Centre, and teacher at Greengates, the British international school in México.

Hilary has taken up a teaching position in the capital upon going down from Kellogg College with an MSc in applied linguistics with a certificate in English teaching. Before that, he was qualified as a teacher at University Hall, University of Hong Kong, where he was representative, with additional studies at Cambridge and Queensland. He has practised at numerous primary, secondary, tutorial, and special needs’ schools as well as university. Additionally, he was a translator on top of a governor of HK’s first sixth form college.

At Oxford, Hilary was elected in OUSU council to sit on the University’s Social Sciences Board. He was also coordinating tutor at Oxford Hub, mentor at IntoUniversity, and trainer at Nightline.

In México, Hilary is committed to building up the Society. There are very few members despite the massive education and business industries in the country. Apart from recruiting members, he is also utilising his connections to promote the Society as well as Oxford education to the locals.

Meanwhile, the Mexican education landscape is unique and interesting. It has one of the world’s top universities that has an unconventionally huge student population of c300,000; it pays educators exceptionally poorly despite the respect teachers enjoy; it does not necessarily favour graduates economically but does offer them prestige socially. The Mexican experience can enrich the international dialogue within the Society.

Outside the field, Hilary has a passion for music as a singer-songwriter and pianist. Whilst not a player, he similarly has a soft spot for harmonica, owing to exposure from his favourite pop-rocker Alanis Morissette, the best-selling female rocker of all-time, and his uncle Hon Prof PC Ho, founding president of HK Harmonica Association and two-time world champion. He is choirmaster and previously led the a cappella team The Charms.

Hilary welcomes correspondences from Oxonians in México and those considering coming as an expatriate, a student, or a visitor for a chat or to meet at h.chow@oxon.org.