David Darling

After attending a state grammar school in his hometown of Newcastle upon Tyne, David studied for a BA in Modern History at St. Peter’s College and a PGCE in the Department of Education.

He has been involved in education ever since leaving Oxford in 1973, initially as a school teacher in Yorkshire, then in Vancouver as a university lecturer, later as a school teacher, and finally as a school principal.

After completing his BA and PGCE at Oxford (and a year of travel in the Americas), David studied for a MA (which actually involved work) at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. He subsequently settled in Vancouver for the remainder of his professional career, teaching in many different settings: colleges, schools, senior citizen homes, and prisons. The latter was one of his most interesting and challenging experiences and he had the good fortune to have in one of his classes the first inmate in the Canadian prison program to achieve a BA; the same student went on to be the first to gain his PhD. After retiring as the principal of an independent school, David enjoys working part-time as an educational consultant and an academic editor. He also continues to enjoy rowing, a sport he has kept up since his Oxford days.

David remains a keen follower of educational trends and has a particular interest in the issue of accessibility at Oxford. As the product of a northern state school, he is concerned at Oxford’s reduced accessibility since the 1980s. He is co-founder of an alumni initiative that is currently supporting efforts to increase accessibility at St. Peter’s College.

OES Country Champion

As Canada’s country champion, David would like to encourage OES alumni and other Oxford alumni in Canada with an interest in education to share ideas and generally keep abreast of educational trends and issues. If you are interested in becoming involved in an OES network in Canada please email him at david.darling51@gmail.com