Country Champions Ideas Bank

There are many ways a Country Champion (CC) can reach out to the Oxford/education communities in their home country.

These vary depending on the CC’s location, number of fellow members and local environment. The Ideas Bank is a growing list of methods of involvement suggested by current Country Champions. The Ideas reflect the CC’s interests, strengths and resources (both material and temporal!); for new CCs, and current CCs looking for new ways to reach out, we hope the Ideas Bank will be a growing and ever-improving database of exciting new things to try.

The Ideas Bank is divided into three subject areas: Local Organisations, Local Contacts and Social/Online partnerships. Behind every Idea is a Country Champion:  if you are interested in pursuing an idea, contact that CC for helpful advice!

Local Organisations

Local contacts

  • If you know any teachers locally, maybe get them to talk about their concerns or successes. That would make a great news item on the website!
  • Invite local Oxford people to speak, or invite a visiting Oxford person to give a presentation. [Rupert, CC Hong Kong]
  • Research into Oxford alums “operating” in your area (such as the UK ambassador to Bosnia) and reach out to introduce yourself and the OES. [Naida, CC Bosnia Herzegovina]
  • If you are connected to a local university (as a faculty member or alum), invite other OES members to present or co-host a workshop.  A topic could be comparing the UK education system to that of your own country.

Social/Online Partnerships

  • Set up a Twitter handle for your local area and tweet about local education news, or the topics that came up in that pub night! [Wenna, CC USA]
  • Use LinkedIn to connect to other members, and to the committee (many who are on LinkedIn)
  • Set up your own “pub night” with one or two other members/colleagues.  This is already running in Oxford itself (Kings Arms, last Wednesday of each month. Contact Phil Richards)
  • Coffee mornings, at the local Starbucks or equivalent!
  • Use the member’s area of the website to reach out and say hello to OES members in your country (you can search membership by country).
  • Identify interesting alumni stories or event news, and contact the Publicity Officer to feature them in the OES media (Website, Facebook Group, Facebook Page and Twitter. [Tinghua, CC Australia]