Beverley Laing

Like many Oxford graduates, although Beverley Laing’s studies were not specifically in Education, her professional life post-Oxford led almost inevitably to an educational role.

Currently Education Specialist for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, an education charity with national reach across Australia, she has successfully and with much satisfaction written many books for primary school educators, written and led courses on inquiry-based learning in kitchen garden settings.

Beverley has come to specialise in using the unique characteristics of productive gardens and kitchens as teaching spaces for real learning outcomes related to the Australian Curriculum.

Over 100,000 students per week engage in this program of food education, and they respond to flavour, hands-on experiences and the outdoors. Educators like Beverley seek to embed curriculum learning, such as mathematics, literacy, design processes, healthy eating and personal development, history and languages into this enthusiasm for food, plants, gardens, building projects, growing food networks, social and personal health.

As the Country Champion for the OES Australia in Victoria, she would seek to link members and alumni both online and in real-life events, such as presentations of research relating to all aspects of education in Australia. With the large distances inherent in Australia, a lively online network would need to be developed, and this would also increase membership and reach of the OES Australia. Having attended many professional subject association conferences in her professional career, Beverley would look to build a network with organisations such as ALEA (Australian Literacy Educators’ Association) and subject specialists such as the AAEE (Australian Association of Environmental Educators). As a former volunteer coordinator for The Welcome Group (a refugee support charity), she has experience in online community development for small groups with shared interests.

Beverley Laing’s email is: