Barbara Mavor

Barbara remains young at heart and totally passionate about doing the best possible for each and every student– to develop their skills and their confidence in themselves as learners.

Barbara’s first degree was in Botany St Andrews. She caught the education bug demonstrating in labs and subsequently taught in Inner London, Edinburgh and New Zealand. She is familiar with the English, Scottish and New Zealand education systems and has worked with the International Baccalaureate, having responsibility for the Middle Years Programme, Extended Essays and Environmental Systems and Societies. She graduated with a PGCE with distinction from the Department of Education in 1975

Barbara has experience in multiple roles including in pastoral care, student course advisory, timetabling, professional development, staff appraisal, supervision of beginning teachers, change management, senior management and evaluation. She worked as a science advisor when a new curriculum was launched in New Zealand and served for 6 years as an Education Review Officer, working with schools and evaluating the state of educational provision across the sector from early childhood services to secondary schools.

Barbara volunteered in the Himalayas in 2013, working with the senior managers of Spring Dales Public School in Mulbeck, a wonderful and humbling experience.

Currently, she has rejoined the Education Review Office and works as a senior education evaluator, responsible for producing national evaluation reports. Her current project focuses on Innovative Learning Environments, upskilling reviewers to know what to look for, appreciate and question, and to provide resources to help schools move forward. Resources include a glossary of terms to demystify modern learning for parents, and an upcoming report to illustrate examples of good practice.

And so the passion remains – to help the system, schools and individual teachers to do the very best in equipping young learners as they move out of school and into the uncertainties of the world beyond.


As country champion, Barbara is keen to make connections with other alumni in New Zealand and to connect with the Australian arm for online debate and discussions about topical educational issues and opportunities.

If you are interested in contacting Barbara, please email her on