Anna Touloumakos

Dr Anna Touloumakos, is the Head of Psychology Department, at Business College of Athens (BCA), Greece, and Associate Fellow at SKOPE Centre, University of Oxford.

Qualifications: B.A. (University of Athens); M.A (New York University), MSc (University of Athens), DPhil (Oxford)

Academic and Professional Background

Anna K. Touloumakos completed her undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Psychology and Pedagogy, University of Athens, Greece, and pursued an M.A in Psychological Measurement and Evaluation (Psychometrics) at the Department of Applied Psychology, New York University, NY, US During this period Anna studies as a scholar of the Stamatis Foundation. Upon completion of her M.A Anna returned to Greece, enrolled and completed the M.Sc in Counselling and Career Guidance, at the University of Athens, Greece, where she deployed psychometric theory to study the standardization of a US career guidance tool with a Greek population. After working as a free-lance career consultant and  as a research officer with EU funded programmes Anna was admitted at the doctoral programme of the Department of Education, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK. Anna completed her DPhil at Oxford University as a scholar of the Greek Scholarship Foundation (IKY) and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

During her years at Oxford Anna was awarded a graduate development scholarship from St. Anne’s College (and Draper’s Company) for teaching research methods to undergraduate psychology students. Since going back to Greece (in 2011) Anna teaches research methods (both quantitative and qualitative) at Business College of Athens, department of Psychology. Since 2014 Anna was appointed head of the department.

Research Interests

Her research interests include the study of soft skills in education and in practice through the use of a combination of qualitative methods, but also psychometric theory, workplace learning, and practice theories. Anna seeks funding opportunities to expand her research on skills in practice and validating she developed through her doctoral experience and in researching communication.  Lately she is interested in the skills requirements in cultural and creative industries in addition to her work on skills conceptualization.

OES Country Champion for Greece

Anna sees her role as Country Champion as:

  • building a community of alumni & alumnae of the Department of Education as part of the Oxford University Alumni Society of Greece.
  • inviting friends of the Department of Education currently based in the country and the region, who have an interest in education;
  • liaising with other Oxford Education Societies and Country Champions;
  • establishing external relations with stakeholders in secondary and tertiary education with the aim of opening up a discussion about issues and challenges in current education practices and policies (with special interest in policies relating to developing soft skills as part of the tertiary education curricula). As part of this Anna will seek to organize events (talks/seminars) to open the discussion to specialized and less specialized audiences, enhancing new opportunities for development of the OES.

If you are interested in getting involved in OES activities in Greece send Anna an email (