Virginia Nolivos

I am presently a DPhil student in the Department of Education.

I earned a Master of Education degree from Harvard University in 2011.   While at Harvard, I taught English to speakers of other languages for the Harvard Bridge Program and assisted with research on parent-child interactions at the Harvard Center on the Developing Child.  Prior to attending Oxford, I worked for the NYU Neuroscience and Education Lab collecting data on the executive function skills of kindergarten children. Annually, I travel to South America and deliver workshops on early childhood development.  My enthusiasm for human development emerged while working with the Quichua population of the Andes Mountains.

I have an interest in the school readiness skills of Spanish-speaking populations of limited resources. My focus is on developing interventions that will equip parents with knowledge and strategies so that they, in turn, will help their young children better prepare for school.

I believe that the OES is an instrumental platform that unites educators regardless of geographical location, industry, race, age, gender, ability, or experience to dialogue about education-related issues.  Through the exchange of information and ideas, members stay abreast of trends in education and continue to partner with the department in making a difference in communities and generations.