Tinghua Zhou

Tinghua Zhou is an enthusiastic Oxford graduate who enjoys engaging with international development and relishes the challenge of making a difference in the world.

She completed an MSc Education (Higher Education) in 2009 in the Department of Education. She was/is inspired by her academic fathers Dr. Hubert Ertl and Prof. Ken Mayhew and feels very grateful that an ‘Oxford education has changed my life and the old place always calls me back’. Currently, She is studying for a PhD in Education Studies at Monash University and has also recently completed an internship at the United Nations Headquarters in New York with the United Nations Academic Impact Program (UNAI) http://outreach.un.org/unai/.

She strongly believes in the Oxford Education Society (OES)’s role of supporting alumni and friends’ professional development and creating social goods for the public as a whole. Through her role on the committee of the OES, she focuses on three missions:

  • First, to promote the OES values and develop alumni relations particularly in China, Britain, America and Australia;
  • Secondly, to outreach with OES members and disseminate OES valuable information through social media (facebook, twitter, newsletter and so on), especially engaging young graduates and international alumni;
  • Finally, to establish external relations with other organizations and create new opportunities for the development of the OES.