Natalia Kucirkova

Natalia is researching early literacy, personalisation and new technologies. She is currently working as senior lecturer in Early Years and Childhood Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Natalia has been involved with the Department of Education since 2007. The connection started during her undergraduate studies at the University of Bath and she has been involved in several projects since then, fulfilling various roles, including research assistant, fieldworker and data analyst.

Her PhD project examined innovative ways of promoting early parent-child shared book reading and the impact of self-made books on children’s word acquisition. She has been involved in the creation, launch and evaluation of a smartphone/tablet children’s application designed for creating personalised digital books (Our Story) and recently wrote an iPad children’s story book. She is a school governor of a local primary school and sits on the Committee for a nursery in Milton Keynes. She subscribes to the view that there are many pathways into literacy and is concerned with supporting children’s literacy experiences in an increasingly digitalised world.