Mike Matejtschuk

Mike was born in a mining village in Staffordshire and having read English Language and Literature at St Catherine’s (1969-1972) has every reason to be grateful to the public education system.

Choosing to train as a teacher in Sheffield and Doncaster, as there were few comprehensive placements via OUDES at the time, he returned to teach in Oxfordshire at Banbury School (appointed by Harry Judge) and then as Head of English for 21 years at John Mason School, Abingdon, before working briefly in FE and as Senior Lecturer in English in Education at Oxford Brookes University. He now concentrates on examining and moderating English.

Mike was involved as a mentor in the OUDES Student Attachment Scheme from the mid-1970s and has regularly helped with interviewing for English PGCE places from the 1980s onwards. He was supervised by Peter Benton for the M. Sc in Educational Studies in 1984 and was inspired by Pat O’Shea to develop A-level English Language in the four Abingdon centres which now offer it. He also worked on the development and piloting of the Kar2ouche Shakespeare software and has done some work with Cassington-based Immersive Education.

Mike has mentored over 100 English interns (though both terms have changed) over the years and taken great pleasure in being part of their development. Many of them are scattered through the schools locally and more widely, and Mike’s interest in the OES, beyond reminding them of the first steps they made in the world of teaching, is to ensure that individuals scattered through the state comprehensive system have access to OUDES resources and networking opportunities.