Mary-Louise Kearney

Mary-Louise Kearney was elected to the OES Committee in 2016.

She holds New Zealand and French citizenship. After a career in NZ education, she joined UNESCO (the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 1983 holding Director posts in the areas of Higher Education and in External Relations managing liaison with National Commissions and partners (academia, civil society and the private sector).

In 2009, she established Kearney Consulting, collaborating with the OECD (notably the IMHE Programme for university management and the IHERD Programme dealing with tertiary education, R+D and Innovation).

Ms Kearney has been a Senior Research Fellow of the University of Oxford University’s Department of Education, is a Vice-President of the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE), co-editor of Special Issues for the ICI-ranked SRHE Journal, Studies in Higher Education and a Board member of the European Journal of Higher Education (EJHE).  She is a member of the Auckland University Society and associated with international NGOs and fora which promote issues related to women graduates. She holds doctorates in Applied Linguistics and Education and has published extensively on higher education issues inter alia policy change, internationalisation, graduate employment and gender in the academy.

Oxford Education Society

“In offering my services to the OES Committee, I would hope that my CV would bring:

  • a useful contribution to the debate on Higher/Tertiary Education through wide international (i.e. Europe and other regions) knowledge of HE policy issues and their links to HE research via 30 years at the UN working on Education-related policy and cooperation;
  • experience of important partnership between academic research and policy-makers in relation to Education (notably Higher/Tertiary Education) policy;
  • mobilisation of collaboration between academia and its key socio-economic stakeholders for dialogue and cooperation to help shape the contribution of Higher/Tertiary education to social change and development.”