Judith Hillier

PGCE Science (physics) 2002-2003, matriculated 2002, Kellogg College.

On completion of my PGCE at Oxford University Department of Education, I started teaching in Gosford Hill School, Kidlington, and also maintained my involvement with OUDE: mentoring and teaching on the Teaching Physics in Schools option for Physics undergraduates.

I then had the opportunity to become a PGCE tutor (part-time) at OUDE, and am now working at OUDE full-time as a lecturer in physics education.

My current research interests fall into three main areas under the title of “Becoming a Physics Teacher”:

  • Developing a better understanding of what motivates physics graduates to enter the teaching profession.
  • Examining the experiences of beginning physics teachers, what they need in terms of informal and formal continuing professional development (CPD) and what factors influence their subsequent career decisions.
  • Studying how beginning physics teachers learn to explain physics – one of the skills most essential for effective teaching – and what processes and resources, given the plethora now available, best aid the development of the subject knowledge and pedagogical knowledge needed to do this. I hold a Royal Society and Ogden Trust Education Research Fellowship for this research.

As a physicist turned physics educator, I am deeply interested in building networks and collaborations across the different parts of the education sector, and between the education and science communities. The Oxford Education Society, with its strong international membership, is key to such dialogue.