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Members of the OES committee at the AGM 19th September 2014

Members of the OES committee at the AGM 19th September 2014 (l-r Andrew Seber, Ann Childs, Simon Steel, Judith Hillier, Roger Higton, Alan Dobson, John Furlong, Richard Pring, Judy Curry, Philip Cottam, Hazel Hagger, Phil Richards, Nina Tokhadze)

The Oxford Education Society Committee currently consists of 15 co-opted or elected members drawn from the membership of the Society plus the Society’s President and the Administrative Officer attached to the Department of Education.

Each year, in July, a third of the committee members are required to resign or stand for re-election and additional nominations are called from amongst the entire membership for new committee members. If there are more nominations than places available, an election is held to determine who will fill those places.

In 2016, we welcomed two new members to the committee – David Davies and Mary-Louise Kearney. Andrew Seber and Philip Cottam were elected Chair and Secretary at the November committee meeting. Alan Dobson was re-elected to the committee and stood as Acting Chair until Andrew was able to up this role in January 2017. All three members of Department staff on the committee – Ann Childs, Maria Evangelou and John Furlong (emeritus professor) – agreed to continue on the committee for at least another year while the OES undergoes a transition period and strategic review.

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OES Officers and Committee members 2016-17