The OES Travel Fund

The opportunity to travel, to take part in conferences and short courses, to visit other institutions or to undertake fieldwork, has major benefits for all students who are lucky enough to receive funding.

It is also valuable for recent graduates (including ex-PGCE students) when they are first starting to establish themselves as teachers, researchers or in some other educational career. While University Departments and Colleges do have some funds available to support current doctoral and masters students, awards are highly competitive and demand always exceeds what is available. Moreover most travel funds are only available to existing students. Currently there is little or no support for recent graduates in the early years of their careers.

The OES Committee therefore wishes to establish its own travel fund to supplement what is available elsewhere. While it will accept applications from all current students in the Department of Education, it will give priority to recent graduates (up to two years from graduating) wishing to undertake activities that will help to establish them in their careers.

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