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Virginia Nolivos, our present Publicity Officer, produced issue no. 7 onwards and our first and previous Publicity Officer, Tinghua Zhou, produced issues 1-6.  Please contact Virginia if you have news to share for our next newsletter.  We welcome and appreciate your communication!

Our current newsletter is a Special Issue – No 14, January 2017. It includes preliminary information about the 7th Annual Lecture which celebrates the life and work of Jerome Bruner. Click on the image below to download a pdf copy.

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Previous newsletters

2016_NOV_OES Newsletter Issue 13 webpage
No 13 November 2016
 OES Newsletter Issue 10 Dec 15 thumbnail
No 10 December  2015
OES Newsletter Issue 11 thumbnailNo 11 January 2016 2016_MAY_OES Newsletter Issue 12 thumbnailNo 12 May 2016
 OES Newsletter Issue 9_May 2015 image thumbnail
No 9. May 2015
 OES Newsletter Issue 8_February 2015 image thumbnail
No 8. February 2015
OES Newsletter Issue 7_December 2014 image thumbnailNo 7 December 2014
 OES Newsletter Issue 6_July 2014 image thumbnail
No 6. July 2014
 OES Newsletter Issue 5_May 2014 image thumbnail
No. 5 May 2014
 OES Newsletter Issue 4_February 2014 image thumbnail
No 4. February 2014
 OES Newsletter Issue 3_August 2013 image thumbnail
No 3. August 2013
 OES Newsletter issue 2_February 2013 image thumbnail
No. 2 February 2013
 OES Newsletter issue 1_October 2012 image thumbnail
No.1 October 2012