Past Alumni

Past alumni are alumni of the Department of Education who have ‘passed on’ and who are remembered, either by their families, their descendants, or through public recognition.

Research into records held by the Department and the University of Oxford going back to the beginning of the University’s involvement in the training of teachers in the late 19th century, has unearthed a number of our alumni who have gone on to great achievements subsequently. Others have had interesting stories attached to their lives. Some have passed on at an early age through tragic circumstances such as illness, accident or war. Some have had stories and remembrances written about them by biographers and family members.

Whatever the circumstances of their lives (and deaths) we would like to celebrate their achievements as our alumni.

Rose Sidgwick 1877-1918

Rose Sidgwick 250sq

Rose taught at the Oxford Pupil Teachers School and was a member of the Society of Oxford Home Students. She attended the Diploma in Education course in Trinity and Michaelmas terms 1902 and Hilary Term 1903. She took the exam in April of that year, passing with Distinction, and received her Diploma on 16 November 1903. More…

Arthur Godfrey Jenkinson 1874-1968

Arthur Jenkinson webpage

A fellow of Brasenose College, and an assistant master at Aysgarth School in Yorkshire when he completed the Diploma course in the vacation course of August 1903. He passed the exam in the following April and received his Diploma on 23 June 1904. More…

If you are a descendent or family member of one of our alumni and would like to contribute to this page, please contact us.